Yahoo Sucks

By on March 29th, 2007 in Google, Search Engines, Yahoo

Not really, but I was wondering if I might get their attention with that posting. I now have Google on line and checking my site and such, so that is great, but I am getting next to no traffic from Yahoo. I have registered with the Yahoo utilities, and have got my sites verified so it should be sending me some traffic, but not much (although maybe my Google Analytics aren’t taking much notice of Yahoo traffic either).

I have been looking at my domain and wondering what I can do for my $10.00 . Currently it points to a backup copy of my financial blog, but that does not seem to be a very good use of that resource. I think I need to maybe register a real domain name for my financial site, which is close to my current name The Canadian Financial Place , and use that as my new name? We’ll see.

Traffic is still ok, but I really need to find that one big step to get to 1000 hits a day, just need to figure that one out.

Addendum: After 7 years I can say with more certainty that Yahoo! sucks

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