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So I am reading (or listening to) On Writing by Stephen King, which is actually quite good as a book on cassette, since the author does the narration. No I don’t fancy myself a great writer of fiction (although, I’m sure there is a great novel in me somewhere, unfortunately it’s next to my winning lottery ticket numbers), but it is an interesting commentary on writing. I like Stephen King’s style of writing, so I was hoping to get a glimpse as to how he does it. The books is not overly wordy, and at times reads like a high school writing course (fancy that, since King was a High School English teacher), but it made me pause and think about my writing style as well. I will try to apply a few of his ideas about writing, and read a few of the books he suggests, but his main advice was READ and WRITE a great deal, and you will get better. Guess I am doing the right thing with these blogs then.

Oh and King has a very good short commentary on the Virginia Tech Massacre and how the media has overly put the focus on the idiot who did the shooting, and whether you can predict from someone’s writings about whether they will “snap”. A good read.

I did promise that I might change things this past weekend, however, the weather was just so spectacular that I felt obliged to go out and enjoy it. Maybe in a few days, who knows?

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Writing Style

  • Promod

    On Writing is a great book … well, on writing. Very insightful. I’m disappointed that he does not talk about The Dark Tower. He spent a good chunk of his life on that series.