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By on January 4th, 2014 in Posts

Another great wrestling marketing idea is the swerve, for those of you unaware of the term:

Slippery and Swervey

Swerve A sudden change in the direction of a storyline, to surprise the fans. Often, it involves one wrestler turning on an ally in order to join a supposed mutual enemy. Swerves frequently start feuds between the former allies. Also, when a booker leads fans to believe that something is going to happen (or someone will appear) at a show, before doing something entirely different.[1]

Writing a swerve post does not mean you suddenly change your point of view on something, unless you have suddenly realized you were wrong, no, the Swerve is making it sound like you are changing your point of view, but then using it as a “learning moment” for your readers.

An example of a swerve in my writing is In Defense of Pay Day Loans, which if you read the title you’d think I had completely abandoned my visceral hatred of the pay day loan industry, but if you read the article I haven’t changed my point of view, I am in fact trying to get folks’ attention. It’s useful sometimes to get people’s attention with a cheap trick but remember you can’t do too many of these kind of articles either, or they lose their shock value.

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