WordPress 2.6 With Minor Hitches

By on July 22nd, 2008 in Adsense, Wordpress

WordPress 2.6 Upgrade

Went off mostly without a hitch, I use the WordPress Upgrade Plug In, but the important thing is to update that plug in BEFORE you try to do your WordPress 2.6 upgrade and that seems to make things run MUCH smoother.

I upgraded this site first and the only hitch ended up being that after the upgrade the “restart all plug ins” portion of the upgrade kind of didn’t work, so then I had to remember which plugins I had running and turn them all back on manually (a pain but I lived with it).

I then went over to upgrade Canadian Financial Opinions but before I did that, I made sure I:

  1. Upgraded all the plug ins used  in it first (including the Upgrade Plug in for WordPress)
  2. Wrote down all the plug ins that I used, in case I had to manually turn them back on.

I ran that upgrade and it all worked fine, including the plug ins restarting EXCEPT for the Adsense Deluxe plug in which didn’t restart during the upgrade, but then I was able to restart after the upgrade completed, which was fine.

The new features are already outlined in the video I posted on Monday, and so far everything seems to be working just fine with this upgrade.

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