Wikinvest Traffic Enhancer

I got approached by the folks over at Wikinvest a while ago to add them to Canadian Personal Finance Opinions and I wasn’t sure it was a good fit, but I decided to go ahead with the system anyhow, and boy am I glad I did. The amount of new traffic and also new links has given me 20% growth in my readership and it continues to grow. I have also been able to integrate their embedded graphics stuff to show off financial numbers as well, so it is very useful to me, and I would highly recommend using them if you are a Financial site.

I have been having a great deal of problems with Dreamhost this week , my server crashed twice and put my site(s) off line for over 6 hours during peek times for me. I have complained to Dreamhost, but I think I will be more formal when (and if) I decide to re-subscribed with them for the new year.

I have also been fiddling with my side advertising blocks to see if I can generate any kind of income from them, because right now, I have made Zero from them, and am starting to think that this is just a “fool’s game” when it comes to this kind of advertising.

Finally Kontera really upset me when I saw that their links are appearing on this site, however, they are not giving me any credit for it I have sent them a fairly nasty note asking what the problem is, since I have copied their code into this site’s template, and since the links are showing up the problem is most likely at their end (and they are not counting). Stay tuned, those links may disappear soon as well (since I am making pretty much nothing from them as well).

What do you think?

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