What do you think of my Financial Site? 5

Seems like there are a few folks reading this (I was using this mostly as a note taking exercise, so I remember all the silly things I do along the way), so here is a request or challenge for you.

Have a look at Canadian Financial Rants and tell me what you think of it. If you aren’t sure what to comment on, here are some areas that I just don’t know about:

  • Does it read well, is the content ok, or does it need to be more specific. Is the writing style ok too (this isn’t likely to change much, my writing style is kind of folksy).
  • What about how the site looks, what do you think? Too busy? Too many ads? Too much crap?
  • What would you like to see talked about on the site or mentioned on the site? Do you want audio commentary from me? That would be really interesting, but I am not sure I have enough confidence to do that yet.
  • Should I move away from blogspot, is that a major stumbling block for folks in taking the site seriously? Does WordPress add an air of confidence in readers, or do they not really care?

Just some of the stuff, I am always curious about. If you want to comment send me an e-mail at bigcajunman AT gmail DOT com (if you can’t figure out what I mean, don’t worry about sending comments :-).

I will try to summarize what I learn and post it here and implement it there.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “What do you think of my Financial Site?

  • Monty Loree

    Hey Cajun,
    I guess the question I would ask is:
    What is the purpose of your blogs?

    Are they for personal enjoyment, making some extra money, spreading the gospel?

    Do you want high interaction with other bloggers?

    What are some of the goals of your blogs?

  • Big Cajun Man

    I think the goals of my financial blog are many fold but let’s list a couple:

    1.Cathartic ranting about financial ideas so I actually believe them myself and maybe help myself.
    2.Source of income, yes I want to make money.
    3.Learn about blogging, css, html, javascript and any other funky stuff that I can
    4.Interact with others and learn from them as well

    But the money part is important. I want to make enough money on the side to help get myself out of a bit of a financial pinch I am in.