Week of Slave Wages Again

In the early days of writing, I had no advertisers, I relied solely on Adsense, ReviewMe and another site for income which was in the $10-20 per month range, things have progressed, but I am still not making much, the best way to become a 6 figure blogger is still elusive to me (I am a 4 figure blogger currently).

Not a great work for “the business” with very little money made, I’d feel ashamed to publish any numbers like the Evil John Chow might, or other much more successful “blog whores”, but suffice it to say, I think I have squandered my income on this coffee I am drinking.

I need to investigate on how to get more readership, and make a little more money. Now I did make some money on ReviewMe, so I am not complaining, well yes I am, but that is what I do, complain about how other folks make more money than me. Hey, what’s worse is you are reading me complain about it!

I have an actual free weekend ahead, which I am sure will be filled up with Gardening and family work, but I am going to do some research to see what my next logical step in figuring out how to turn my “micro” business into a “paying hobby”.

What do you think?

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