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By on June 15th, 2007 in Blogging, Comments

So more and more I am getting SPAM comments being sent to my blogs, which is really annoying. What is funny is that the WordPress version of my financial blog, which really only got created as a mid-step for backing up my entire Blogspot account, is getting more and more of these SPAM comments from “adult” sites. I have turned on comment moderation so they don’t get on to my site, but it is still annoying seeing these kind of blatantly stupid comments.

I may get off my fat duff and move the financial blog to it’s own domain and hosting system, which may mean this blog moves too and a few others that I have, so stay tuned, because I did speak to the Canadian Capitalist and he was quite helpful with his responses to my queries. Always try to learn from other folks in your field (especially the successful ones, although you’d be surprised what you can learn from failures too).

I am torn about whether I like reading about how much money folks make on their web sites. It is always funny to read John Chow‘s statements, because he is so darn successful but other sites I almost feel annoyed when I read about how well they are doing, but I suspect in most cases it is me being envious (green is not my best colour).

Addendum: I did fix this problem by running Akismet the plug-in and added a captcha plug in as well, which has slowed down the SPAM, but there is no stopping them, that is for sure. How these scum commenters get by all this, I am not sure, but I will continue to fight them.

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