Video and YouTube

I have been investigating video and how best to download it and what makes for easy input and such and have found some very interesting issues that arise.

All of the video I have been trying so far has been personal stuff for my personal blog, to show my parents the kids and such, so I have used as devices:

  • Treo 650 cell phone/camera (low quality but easy to use)
  • Canon Sureshot A60 (Better quality for a still camera, but still only 15 frames per sec)
  • Tried a friends higher end Canon camera (very impressive)

All of them do an ok job, but I was really impressed with the higher end Canon’s ability to do 30 frames per second and do 640×480 video.

What is interesting is when I download this to YouTube the quality is quite poor on viewing, even with the higher quality device, so I am definitely not using the right software to prepare the video for YouTube.

I did download the best quality to Facebook for their video and it looked great, not as good quality as the original video but quite good. I downloaded the same thing to YouTube and it looked quite bad, couldn’t see my son’s face or make out much.

I bought Quicktime Pro and I own DivX encoders as well, but using either does not seem to help with YouTube’s quality issues, so I will need to investigate this more, since it is something that intrigues me, and it actually has something to do with my current job too, so it is fun!

Stay tuned.

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