Twitter as a Readership Building Tool?

So I have been doing a bit of experimenting with Canadian Personal Finance a bit more, attempting to drive more traffic, interest and possibly more income using some Social Media Sites.

Readership has been going up slowly, with occasional spikes, like when I was mentioned in the Globe & Mail’s Personal Finance Blog contest, but I still seem to be hitting a glass ceiling for now, on income and on readership, so I am attempting a few new ideas using Twitter as the cornerstone of these ideas.

  1. The first thing was the creation of the BigCajunMan twitter account, which I had done a while ago, but had not really done too much with it. This is easy and it is free too! I follow about 50 other folks, have added some folks, but really don’t appreciate overly chatty streams.
  2. I added the WordTwit add on to my WordPress site, so that each new post I make is advertised on Twitter. Never hurts to tell folks when there are brand new posts for them to come over and read.
  3. Added TweetMeMe to the site as well so that every post now has a ReTweet badge on it, so that other folks can easily add my post to their Twitter Stream. Making it easy for folks means you may get a few quick ReTweets without folks thinking about it.
  4. The major tool I use with Twitter is Buffer which is another cornerstone in this marketing idea. This tool allows for management of your Twitter streams, and also allows for time delayed delivery of your Tweets, which is key, you don’t want to send out Tweet Tsunamis do you? You can spread out your tweets and it makes things look much smoother and makes you look less needy too.

The major part of this enables me to find old articles I have written and post them again, to a new audience, and hopefully make some more readership from that (and thus more money).  Brilliant eh? Not that original, but still a brilliant reuse of Social Media for building readership.

Any ideas I am missing?

What do you think?

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