Topics are Very Important

You need to find a topic for your site that you actually give a flying hoot about, or your writing is going to be quite laboured at the end of it all.

I write about finance (on THE Canadian Finance Place) mostly because it is more of a cathartic kind of thing. I complain and rale about stuff that I can’t really control, but it is easy to write. The topics usually become obvious depending on:

  • The time of year (e.g. Tax Season, Christmas spending, etc.,)
  • Major news events like the budget or stock market drops
  • Talking to friends and such, they give me a great deal of ideas
  • Reading other sites, and commenting on them.

I am always amazed at how many of my ideas come from day to day conversations with friends and family.

I can also find topics reading my own old writings, this article is actually a complete re-write of something I wrote 8 years ago. The original was quite sparse and didn’t really say much, but now, after almost 10 years of writing daily I think I can add a bit more to the topic.

Write about something you care about, and your writing is that much easier, and always write your ideas down, I keep forgetting great ideas too!

What do you think?

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