Too Many Plug Ins Spoil WordPress

Canadian Personal Financehas been up and down a lot in the past week or so, which is annoying and not very good for business either. The servers were visible but WordPress was misbehaving (mostly a couple of SQL issues too).

The Dreamhost folks suggested trimming down the number of plug ins I run in WordPress, since there seemed to be a runaway process on my server that I owned, and they also pointed out that simply deactivating the plug in was not enough, it needed to be physically removed from the disk. I was skeptical but after the 3rd off line event, I decided to comply with their suggestion.

I think the main culprit may have been the broken links plug in, because it does traverse the entire SQL database interrogating every single link to see which ones are still active, and so far that seems to have remedied the situation (we shall see if this is really the case).

I continue to watch and make sure my servers are up.

What do you think?

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