This is a Fake?

After attempting to expand this site and working on a few things, I decided to see if I could maybe add to the monetization by adding this fine site to ReviewMe (since ReviewMe has already accepted Canadian Financial Opinions as a valid site). To my surprise I was replied with the following statement from the ReviewMe software robot:

We are sorry but the website you have suggested has been declined at this time. The main reasons a website is declined are:

– The website is a suspected fake.
– The website does not have enough link popularity.
– The website does not have enough traffic.

Fake? Moi? How is this fake? What makes this seem so fake? Hmmm… You put up original content and you get told you are a suspected fake? I guess that is ironic, but not like rain on your wedding day, I guess.

As a rule, I have made very little money from ReviewMe so I am not heartbroken, however, it is a little upsetting to be told your original work appears to be fake!

What do you think?

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