Start of a New Idea

Well, I have been “fiddling” around attempting to make some extra money blogging about finances for the past two years or so, and have marginally made a little pocket money (almost coffee money, but not quite). A lot of times I have great ideas, but they aren’t about finances, they are about how the blog site should work, or how things hang together, so I figured, I’d start a line of consciousness blog about what I have done, what I am doing, and what I am planning on doing for the blogs that I am attempting to make a little extra cash with on the side.

Why would you read this? That’s a good question, and a valid one too (I’ll get slapped for that response, I can tell), mostly I hope to use this as my notebook, so I can keep track and remember why I did some of the odd things that I have done in the past two years, and in the years ahead. Hopefully I will put some things up that help other folks who are attempting the same thing as I, and help them out. Also, hopefully I’ll make a sack of cash and then get to retire (oh that is funny every time I write it).

First posts are old hat

How Old Is This ?

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