Sometimes One Link is All It Takes

By on July 29th, 2008 in Canadian Capitalist, Traffic

How To Build Traffic

This one is still very true, but these days it is mentions in mainline media is what causes the big bumps like the Carrick effect

I have learned about the Digg Effect from John Chow and his initial success posting about pop up urinals in Vancouver (I am not making that story up), however in the Ottawa Financial Community there is one member who if he mentions you on his site, the traffic increase is amazing, and that is the Canadian Capitalist.

I’d like to dub this traffic increase, “The Capitalist Effect“. I discussed this with Michael James on Money and he has noticed the exact same thing as well. The red circle reflects the day he mentioned my “So I should Divorce my Wife” post, in his This and That #102 .

Canadian Capitalist Effect
Canadian Capitalist Effect

The same thing happened to this site, when I added a Comment to John Chow’s monthly gloating about how much money he makes about the paltry sum that I make, so Traffic comes from being known by the “Big Boys”, and sometimes even the “Intermediate Guys” too!

As a courtesy, here are ALL the member of the National Capital Financial Bloggers Association:


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