Slow and Steady 5

Work continues to create more readership with THE Canadian Personal Finance Site, but as with all things that are hard to get, it isn’t easy.

Learning a great deal from Yakezie forums and such, but also have learned a few things that I may not have mentioned before, so here are a few important points that I have learned from some more experienced bloggers:

  • Paid Text Link Ads (not the company, just links for advertising) can get you thrown into the Google penalty box. If your main income stream is Adsense, think twice about accepting paid text link advertising on your site. The penalty box is a Page Rank of ZERO (this one happened to the Canadian Capitalist).
  • Never “like” or post your own StumbleUpon posts, that will get you thrown in their penalty box as well (I have heard that one from a few folks).
  • DO talk to other bloggers about what they have learned. If you want you can “buy” some information in some of the E-books floating around, but I got a lot more useful information from direct contact with other bloggers.
  • If you want to keep writing, choose a subject you like or care about. I write about Personal Finance, because my personal finance life is always interesting, and thus I have now been at this for over 5 years, and rarely run out of topics to write about. This site is a little harder to keep up to date, but I will try to post at least once a week about things that I have learned that week.
  • Don’t over expose yourself on Social Media sites (sounds naughty eh), in other words choose a couple of posts that you think are good and push those with your Blogging Groups, don’t shotgun every post or you’ll end up not getting much attention.

Those are the points I can think of that I have used this week.

For my Yakezie friends, I have been adding you to my Google Reader sites, and have been adding you to my Twitter feed as well, but it is hard to keep up with everything (and hold down a full time job). I will also be diligently checking the YPROMOGROUP tag to help out there as well.

Guest posts? If there are Yakezie friends who want to send me a guest post, drop me a line and we can talk about it, I don’t mind guest posts, but so far I have got some pretty bad stuff from unsolicited folks, but my guess is that Yakezie members might write a bit better content.

I am also experimenting with the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress, but I will try it out here first before I add it to my main site. I am still in search of a better theme for my main site as well.

Hope my American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving as well.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  • Financial Samurai

    I literally know about 10 relatively senior Google employees who work in adwords, marketing, adsense etc. Their most proudest moment is convincing people they own the internet, and can dictate who can do what on their sites.

    The truth is, Google does not own the internet, and they have no authority over you. The last time they updated their Pagerank was 10 months ago.

    mozRank is the new authority now.

  • Everyday Tips

    Good thoughts. I could be wrong here, but I don’t think that your adsense revenue can be punished from text links, just your page rank. (Well I guess in a roundabout way, meaning you won’t show up in a search as much if your page rank is low, which could mean less traffic.)

    I think Google has their own internal ranking system and just doesn’t update page rank. My search percent has gone up dramatically yet my page rank is still 0. (My Moz Rank is 5 though, go figure.)

    My biggest tips would be to maintain relationships with fellow bloggers and those who comment on your site. I respond to almost all comments. Don’t really know if people like it, but I do know that many come back to read my response. For me, the best part of blogging is the community part.

  • youngandthrifty

    I didn’t know that happened to Canadian Capitalist, guess it doesn’t matter now because Money Sense picked him up 🙂

    I think I liked my own Stumble Upon post in the beginning just for fun, good thing they didn’t catch that.

    I have the All in One SEO pack and I love it- very easy to use.

    • Big Cajun Man Post author

      That is what I hear, my other guess is that I need to do something about comments, and connect them tighter to things, and make it easier to do.

      Thanks for the feedback too, keep up the good work.