Slave wages?

By on April 12th, 2007 in Feedburner, Google

Well, that is sometimes how it feels for my “income” from the Canadian Financial Opinions. I am not making much, but I am hopeful that things may pick up in the future (although when I couldn’t really tell you). I was impressed that my post yesterday was read by someone over at Feedburner who explained their monetization policy, and it’s always a good thing to understand what you need to do in those situations.

After this weekend I should have a little more free time to try to revamp things and possibly move the site away from blogspot, but again, that is a TBD thing right now. I need to find the right hosting company for that move first, so if anyone has any opinions or comments on any drop me a line or leave a comment here, as well.

As I mentioned I am now the proud owner of domain , I wanted a .ca domain because I am proudly Canadian and the content is as well (mostly).

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