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By on October 6th, 2015 in Security, Technology, Twitter

Another fine week passes with more and more interesting security issues arising, and not many success stories seen about how everything is nice and secure.

It really does seem that the Android app store seems to be a little bit like the wild west in terms of downloading malware being easily available to turn your phone or tablet into a Bot for someone else’s nefarious usage.

I don’t want to look like some kind of Apple Lover mind you, and yes, Apple has had a major security breach this past little while as well, so don’t get too smug all you hipster Apple lovers.

Don’t you just love the ability to just click from a Tweet, and get to the article? Ever wonder whether those links are all completely legit? Why not? Seems like a perfect vector for spreading malware.

I always like it when hackers mix it up, and this story warms my heart, hackers fix 10,000 home routers to make them more secure? Thank you Hackers!

Don’t feel like doing anything much about security? You are not alone, evidently the Pentagon didn’t really feel like doing much about things either.

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