Readership Up This Week

The readership at Canadian Personal Finance Opinions is up sharply this past week, which may well be due to the current black economic world we are living in, but if it makes me money, I guess it is ok by me. Lost 1 more advertiser on my Text Link Ads list, which means less income there, but I had another inquiry about advertising directly on my site, which hopefully might pan out too.

Much more traffic coming from Google these days and their bots have been traversing my site like mad, which is interesting too. I have been pinging more regularly and I have increased the number of sites pinged when postings are done from dreamhost as well, so that might be helping too.

OK, when does the cash truck roll up to the front of my house and I start really rolling in the dough? Yeh, I am kidding.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Readers, to my American friends, happy Columbus Day.


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