Readership Skyrocketing :-)

Yes, I know that fame is fleeting, but for some odd reason both my Canadian Personal Finance blog and this blog about being an Internet Whore are still increasing their Feeburner RSS readership, which is mighty cool by me (and I am even seeing a pick up in their monetary value as well, which makes me happy).

Got an e-mail from a site asking for me to join their ad program, except it was for on-line gambling and such, and I can’t do it. I have problems with gambling sites, because I know I have a gambling problem (luckily it has never harmed me in any distinct way, I have only lost hundreds of dollars, not my life savings). Just like I can’t with good conscience advertise pay cheque advance sites on my finance site, I can’t do Gambling sites either. Don’t get me wrong, Internet gambling sites have got to be some of the most lucrative sites out there, and I am sure I could make some good coin whore’ing for them, but I just can’t do it (when did I get a conscience?).

I continue to experiment with Video on my private blog, and am having a lot of success getting my family readers to check things out, so I am now investigating what I can do for my other blogs to attract more attention (no, not that, I don’t think I can do on-line porn either).

What do you think?

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