Page Rank 2.0 Again

Page Rank Up

Canadian Financial and Consumer Opinions page rank seems to have raised up to a 2/10 in Google’s eyes, which is a start given it was at 0/10 for a very long time (due to unknown reasons). What caused this? I have no idea, I have been cleaning up the mess of cross-links (over 300) that was left from when I moved from Blogspot to Dreamhost and WordPress, so that might be a contributing factor, but if anyone else has a guess, I am open to suggestions as well.

WordPress Clean Up Algorithm

To clean up the mess that I left (without thinking) moving a mature blog from Blogspot, I have come up with the following algorithm.

Find all articles with mention in it
For Every Article in list DO
    Find Every entry in article to DO
         Find corresponding article in
         Replace original article link with entry

This clean up was pretty darn painful with this web site, but it only had 150 entries and not a lot of cross links, however, with the Financial Blog, there are thousands of cross links I have been fixing by hand, and it is a slow and very painful process.

What do you think?

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