Much Better Day One

The numbers for Day One on the new site was quite interesting. Lots more readers, biggest day for this site ever, howver, remember, my posting here is going to be at best spotty, so come back oftern :-).

I got accepted in Yahoo Buzz, have no idea what the heck that means, it has been so long since I signed up for that.

Google’s crawl of my sites continues to be at best spotty, we shall see if my Page Rank ever returns, hope it does, it means much better chances for advertisting. TextLinkAds claims this site isn’t interesting enough to advertise on yet, hope that changes too.

Turned on some new WordPress Plug Ins here:

  • Crawl Rate monitor tool, to watch if and when this site ever gets crawled
  • WordPress statistic monitoring
  • I have turned ON the plug in for SEO Optimization, but have not turned on the feature yet, not sure if it is of any good.
  • Word Press cache’ing Plug In is turned on as well, this site seems to get quite good throughput
  • Kontera is now turned on as well.

What do you think?

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