Moral Quandary

So this one is an interesting question about advertising, and where do I draw the line. A Pay Day Loan site has approached me to advertise on my personal finance blog. I am loath to accept their money because I really think the entire industry is a modern-day version of the Loan Shark (and I have said that many times on my site). What is odd is that these folks have read my postings about Pay Day Loans, and still want to advertise on my site, they just want me to mention them, but not as a specific example in a negative light.

I haven’t said No, to them yet, but I am leaning in that direction. Loved ones had to deal (in their day) with some shady lenders to be able to buy their house, and the stories they tell make me think there is really no way I can morally take this money and be able to sleep well at night.

I’ll post my decision, but I don’t think I am that hungry for money or morally bankrupt to compromise my views just for a buck (after all, if I ‘d wanted to do that, I would have become a Lawyer like my mother thought I should).

Epilogue: At the end of it I said, “Shove off you blood sucking scum, so no worries there”.

What do you think?

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