Links Repaired

So after spending most of my spare time this past weekend, repairing any links on my web site that pointed at it’s old Blogspot address, I am now attempting to tackle all of the rest of the broken links on Canadian Personal Finance Place, and it is turning out to be another behemoth of a task.

Broken Links

Damn Broken Links

Using the WordPress Broken Link Plug In, I found that along with the hundreds of links to my old web site I had over 160 broken links on my site pointing to various non-existant sites or posts on the Web, Oh Joy!

The interface for the Plug In is very straight forward, so that is good, but I am also cleaning up the postings as well (deleting some posts, that I must have written while asleep, or when I was in a particularly lazy mood, that is for sure). You can simply discard the bad link and that speeds things up a lot, but I have many images that I have linked to that are no longer there, which I want to clean up (the post looks stupid without them).

This site only has 1 broken link, so that is kind of cool too.

Image courtesy of Baitong333 at

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