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By on November 27th, 2006 in Link Exchanges, Traffic

A lot of sites are “link exchanges”, where bloggers offer to link to each other to help increase their page ranks in various sites like Technorati and

Another way to do this, is to send a site that you find interesting an e-mail and offer to list their blog on your site if they do the same. Make sure it’s a site you like, don’t just blindly send out e-mails to bloggers, remember if you read this other blog, maybe folks like you will read it as well, and in turn they might be interested in your site too.

Building rank, and traffic is your goal, so think of as many ways as you can to do this.

Another useful tool is , which is a place where you can put your link lists and update them there, instead of on all of your web sites. I have used it in the past and it is quite useful, if you have more than 1 web site, that is for sure.

Start get that traffic rolling!

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