Kowa Bunga: Over 400 hits

OK, so my troubles seem to have been remedied for now, as I am now back to getting over 400 hits the past two days total, it seems my Federal Budget Analysis posting was quite popular as well, so hopefully that is on the Google index to find things.

I am still toying with if I have some free time this weekend moving over to the new blogger format with widgets and such, since I know that I can basically transfer my entire web site and recreate it with the new format, but there are templates that should make it look exactly the same. We shall see whether I do that or not.

Oh, and my PayPerPost posting got ok’ed so I made some real cash for one posting, which is always cool as well. Think I’ll try not to do that too much, but that is a nice add on to my site’s incomes for the month.

What do you think?

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