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Smut sells
Smut Sells photo by adamr.

I always wonder how much money those on line gambling sites are making (as I don’t gamble), since I suspect there is a lot of money in vices and gambling. The major vices always sell well (on the Internet or wherever):

  1. Gambling
  2. Alcohol
  3. Cigarettes
  4. Pornography

It’s just the nature of selling, I guess. I guess that is why there are so many tobacco shops, that sell lottery tickets and print-smut? Having worked in the distribution of smut when I was younger (let me tell you when Penthouse comes out monthly it was a major feat to deliver it to all the corner stores in Montreal, and it was painful to load those trucks) vices and gambling sells.

Gambling and lottery tickets seem to be the next natural step on how to make money, but then again, do you want to make your money that way? Not sure.

Photo by adamr. Published on 30 March 2013 on

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One thought on “Vices and Gambling

  • Monty Loree

    As with all types of business…
    The PPC (Porn Pills Casino’s not Pay Per Click) sites on the internet make money.

    They do have their down side. Anytime you’re appealing to vices your going to face some harsh opposition.

    That’s why they say the porn webmasters are some of the most creative and hard working on the internet.