Globe and Mail, Indeed!

Globe and Mail


So the Globe and Mail has a poll on about the Best Financial Bloggers in Canada (or Top 5) list and I note that I am not mentioned, yet again. Canadian Financial Opinions may not be a classic financial blog, but at least it is not some “get rich quick” stock picking web site or some crap like that. I looked at the list and there are some good ones, but to exclude some of the sites seems a bit short sited by them, but I guess it is their poll, so I guess they get to make the rules too (I am glad I don’t subscribe to their paper).

This weekend will be spent trying to clean up the Financial site and figure out whether this site might do better over with the Financial Blog on it’s own Domain. The current set up is a bit arbitrary and I think I can learn a lot if I take this site to a private site and then get to screw around more with the Style and Theme. Stay tuned, we shall see.

Also, investigating new advertising schemes as well, because right now, this “business” is not going the way I want it to (the Financial Blog) so I need to start really thinking about this one.

What do you think?

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