Follow Your Own Advice

After writing about watching Joel Comm’s videos about making money with Adsense I then noticed that I had in fact not followed one of the Cardinal rules of the Adsense game, which is making your ads blend in with the surrounding text. I had headers that were different colours and links in the wrong colours on all my sites, which is a big no no.

If you check out the Canadian Financial Opinions web site you’ll notice that now the adsense ads blend nicely into the text published. I also fixed the ads on this site as well to follow the Cardinal rule of adsense to make your ads blend in!

Still no change in my Page Ranking for the financial blog, so I guess it is going to stay that way for a long time, which won’t help revenues much, I guess. I did send in a request to review this rank (again), but this one has had no effect.

To ask for a review you go to the Google WebMaster Tools page (where you have registered your site hopefully, if not, you should sign up for that right away), and there is a “Request Reconsideration” entry on the right hand side of things.  Fill in the form, if you feel your page rank is too low.

What do you think?

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