Feedback and Myspace 1

So I have got some good feedback so far about my posting for help yesterday and I have made some small changes on Canadian Financial Opinions to reflect that:

  • Less crap at the top of the page, the Financial Web Ring has moved to the bottom of the page again.
  • Shortened the number of postings from 14 days to 7 days.
  • Changed the colour of my subscription icon so it stands out a little more (that was easy to do)
  • Shrunk the size of the Canadian Blog Roll so that it didn’t make my side bar seem miles long.

I need to investigate a 3 column new blogger format, I think. I tried it on my test blog site Canadian Financial Opinions Test but I need to fix the formatting a little, because it doesn’t deal with bullets and lists very well.

I also need to figure out how best to monetize that site. I have a bunch of stuff but nothing much working (I have one dedicated advertiser who has paid me nicely for the year, but Adsense isn’t paying much as are most other things). Monetization is important, I think, and I want to make money online that is for sure.

I have also started fiddling around with Myspace, mostly to learn more about CSS and that kind of stuff. What is funny I have managed to connect to my favorite groups Myspace site and their keyboardists! Interesting world!

What do you think?

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One thought on “Feedback and Myspace

  • Canadian Dream

    I had a look at your three column test. It looks alright, but perhaps make the border between the columns smaller and increase the column width. That should help out your layout.

    I like the BIG RED subscribe button. Have you ever added email subscriptions from feedburner to your blog? I found I got an extra seven people that way in a month.