February Income Numbers

An update on  my attempt to carve out a meager income with my blogging so here is an update for December from Canadian Personal Financial Opinions :

  • Adsense income $66.17 with about 14000 impressions (including RSS)
  • Kontera income $5.90  on 7843 page impressions
  • TextLinkAds income $38.85 earn with 6 ads running out of a possible 8 (text link ads)
  • Performancing Ads $00.00 from 0 advertiser
  • Pepper Jam Ads income $0.00
  • NeverBlueAds income $0.00
  • TTZ Media income $0.00
  • Marketleverage income $0.00
  • ReviewMe review income $0.00
  • Pay Per Post income $0.00
  • Privately arranged ads income $20.00

Total income for the month of February 2009: $111  (down)

Page rank for the site from Google: 3/10

Page rank for site from Alexa #588840  (down)

Number of RSSReaders from Feedburner: 470 (avg)  (same)

Given I hosted a Carnival this month it is interesting to see how little effect it had on any numbers. February was a slower month and a shorter month and March seems to be going fine, so we shall see.

Still working for slave wages.

What do you think?

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