Couldn’t resist

By on June 7th, 2007 in Adsense

OK after yesterday’s post here about the Tank Man, I figured I couldn’t resist to see if I could get banned in China for my financial blog too. How many Chinese read financial hints from Canada anyhow? Blatant attempt at creating “heat”, my apologies for trivializing an important event.

From what I can tell most of my traffic from the Orient is attacks, spam comments and mistakenly typed urls, so no big loss. One day I will figure out how to put out a correctly translated version of my blog for China, and see if that is where the money is.

I am impressed that my Adsense revenues have increased by almost 10x in the past few days, but don’t think I am getting rich, I now make a dollar a day instead of 10 cents. Now if I could only keep that going and 10x a few times more, then we’d be talking!

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