Writing about making money on the Internet

I wrote this article about 10 years ago (as you can tell by my references to MySpace  ) but some of the references are still on topic.

I somehow suspect that the really big money to be made on the Internet is not by figuring out what the next MySpace is (by the by, have a look at the Big Cajun MySpace site), or TechCrunch, there is a lot of money talking about how you should go out and create such a site and how you can make money off it. The next MySpace is going to be another one of those 1 in 10000 ideas that really gets adopted by our young folk and becomes part of their “lifestyle”, the problem is that a 45 year old man is not going to figure out what that is, so what should we do? Advise them on how to make money once they have this great idea of course!

If I go to my local libraries catalog there is a plethora of books on how to customize MySpace, or how to blog, or how to make money with Adsense, so there is no limit on the resources available from your library or the web.

What is even funnier is all this customization for MySpace, and what really makes it so unique, is a BUG, that was introduced accidentally, but kids figured out about it, exploited it, and now MySpace is a phenomenon beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. I read an article on the technical aspects and background of MySpace and it was fascinating for me seeing how the founders just put something together, because they didn’t like the existing resources, made a lot of mistakes (and still admit that they are), but just kept plugging away and working at it. MySpace is nothing that unique technically, but it has cache now, and thus it is now part of our culture. Far out stuff man.

So maybe the big money is not in blogging about Finances, it’s about telling folks about the next big technology, AFTER it has been thought up 🙂

What do you think?

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