Holy Cow RSS Readers

So my Adsense data has been showing a declining readership directly, but an exploding RSS readership, but this seems a little fishy to me.

Page impressionsClicksPage CTRPage eCPM [?]Earnings
AdSense for Content top channels16410.61%$6.70$1.10
QueriesClicksCTReCPM [?]Earnings
AdSense for Search top channels100.00%$0.00$0.00
Ad ImpressionsClicksAd CTRAd eCPM [?]Earnings
AdSense for Feeds top channels89510.11%$1.00$0.89
Total Earnings$1.99

Yes, I am not making much, but that is not the point, right now I am getting HUGE RSS readership and I think I need to find out exactly what this is.

Creepy Crawlers

So my Canadian Personal Finance site continues to be crawled by many different bots and such and it is making for some very interesting statistics. 

That's a lot of Crawling
That’s a lot of Crawling

What the heck is causing all this crawling around, I have no idea, but holy cow that is a lot of crawling that is for sure.

WordPress: Two New Plug Ins and a Problem

So after completing the upgrade to WordPress 2.6 I had to clean up some things, so I decided to add some more affiliates to my UBD theme advertising rotor, unfortunately it now no longer seems to work. I have reported the issue to UBD, but for now, as you can see I have no ads in my rotor, and I can’t seem to add any more either!

WordPress Plug Ins of the Week

This week I added two plug ins that are making life a lot simpler for me on Canadian Financial Opinions.

The first plug is No Self Pings by Michael D. Adams which stops comments appearing in your comment queue from internal links done in your own blog. This is useful to me right now as I only have about 300 more posts to clear up on the site which still point back to the old site on BLOGSPOT.  I found a reference to this on a site which talked about the best 5 WordPress plug ins to have, and I must admit, this one is brilliant, I just wish I found it sooner (if you look at my comment list in my sidebar it is chocked full of internal link repair messages).

The second plug ins is Broken Link Checker by Janis Elsts, this tool is also brilliant. I haven’t turned it ON on the Financial site, but I did turn it on, on this site and it found 35 broken links after I had already cleaned up this sites old references to BLOGSPOT as well. Again, a highly recommended plug in to use, to keep your site clean so that when ROBOTS wander through it, they don’t get lost!

All I need now is for UBD or me to figure out what is wrong with my advertising rotor. I don’t dare touch it on my financial site. I also did use the WordPress 2.6 checkpoint facility too, so thank you WordPress for that as well!

One Last Shot at Bannishing Blogspot

I am attempting to banish my blogspot version of Canadian Financial Opinions from the Google Index.

First I added the all important META tag into the header for the site

meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”

That should stop the Googlebot from wandering through the site and getting any data on the content that is in there. How long stuff festers in the Google search indexes I have no idea, but this is a start.

I also submitted a “Remove URL” request for the old site as well, that might help speed things up too. Right now my old site has a Page Rank of 3 whereas the new site has a Page Rank of ZERO (still or again).

Thanks to “Google Advertising Tools” by Harold Davis (O’Reilly) for ideas!

Hope this finally works!

Google and Archives on Blogspot

So I think my site is actually being checked by the Google “bots” now, and when I look at the indexed pages, I see most entries, but what is interesting is that only some of my postings are individual, most are lumped into the Blogspot archive for that month. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know?

My guess is that the individual entries have links to them from the outside world, whereas the rest of them, are simply lumped together for ease of storage? Don’t know, but need to figure this out more, because right now, my “micro” business has a real chance of becoming a “dead” business, I need more income, to justify this amount of work, for the $2 a day I seem to be making. Stay tuned.

Me Thinks My Template is Garbage

Well after running SOFTPlus GsiteCrawler on all of my sites (including this one), I have found that my only site with problems now is Canadian Financial Opinions, which continues to come up with a bunch of problems like this one:

Which is quite interesting. Now I had a similar kind of problem on my family web site and it ended up that one of the HTTP elements I had added was screwing up. I found that out by looking at the web site with the problem and then doing a “View Source” on the IE menu to find the problem entry, however, I cannot seem to find this entry on Canadian Financial Rants anywhere. I will continue to try to sleuth this one out, but it’s almost like debugging code again, it’s kind of fun!