Modern Day Loan Sharks

Moral Question

I continue to fight having Pay Day Loan and Dodgy Financial sites from advertising on my site (mostly blocking them on Adsense), but I continue to get deluged with SPAMMY comments and “cold call” e-mails (and guest post requests) asking if they can advertise on my site.

So I have thus far held off letting any of the on line pay day loan sites advertise on my site, just because I cannot abide by them, and view them as Modern Day Loan Sharks (maybe I should be trying to do some SEO stuff with that moniker) . A friend asked me, “Why do you care?”, and I guess I shouldn’t really, however, I just have a lot of problems with these companies.

Today, I received yet another request to advertise on Canadian Financial Place from a pay day loan site and they asked what my rate would be for an advertisement. Now I am mulling over, maybe the best way to make these people pay, is to make them PAY me? I don’t know, seems pretty slimy to me, but then again, money is money, but that opens the whole “Ends justify the means” argument, that maybe I can’t quite deal with.

I’ll keep you guys posted, it’s just an interesting quandary. Any opinions in the comments would be appreciated too.

Epilogue: After a short thought, I resolved not to allow this kind of “advertising” on any of my sites. If I allow any Guest Posts, it will be from folks I know, and respect. I continue to receive countless emails about this, but I simply ignore them (even with 5 different follow ups).