Google Analytics

Legitimate Press Mentions Rule

So this week I had a sudden spike in the number of reads for THE Canadian Financial Blog (basically a quadrupling of my regular readers) for about 2 days, and it took me a while to figure out where the traffic was coming from. Two weeks ago I wrote a piece about Sunday Banking, that I didn’t think much of, but it was an opinion post and I feel sometimes I need to get things like that off my chest. It did include a good catch phrase, I thought, with Impulse Banking, but the only reaction I got was a tirade from 1 commenter and a bunch of folks on Reddit commenting about what a Neo-Fascist I was trying to impinge on their rights to bank on Sundays, OK, fine, I never understand why some people like some of my writing and then other things cause visceral reactions.

Fast forward to this week and my sudden explosion in readership. I finally was able to track down that the spike was caused by a post by Rob Carrick, Whatever Happened to Banker’s Hours, which mentions me at the beginning, and doesn’t say much more, but holy cow, I was getting hit counts during the day that I don’t see ever.  I was getting hits from iPhones and Androids all over the place, but unfortunately this kind of spike rarely causes a big increase in RSS readership or the like, I need to work to make sure if this happens again, I try to hold onto the readership a little more.

My continued work on Social Media, has caused me to create another Facebook account (I have one for my normal persona), but I have created Theo B. Cajunman, as a place to post stories to Facebook, we shall see where this might lead, as I have set up Hootsuite to post there as well. I still can’t see where Facebook would help with readership, but I am willing to listen as well.

More Search Traffic

Interesting, that my analytics is now telling me that 24% of the traffic going to Canadian Financial Rants is from search engines, yet when I ask it what keywords bring folks to the web site, I get a very short list, which mostly talks about Interest Rates and LuLu Lemon’s IPO, which I find curious.

My RSS feeds jumped a great deal on Monday to over 80 through Feedburner, which is great, I think I will celebrate if I can get past 100 in the next week or so (that’s a good goal to set for the site).

Still no new GREAT ideas for the site, so I continue to do research into getting more traffic to the site.

Analytics Missing

So that ended up being the problem, is that in changing from Old Blogspot to New (format that is), I forgot to include the Analytics code in the HTML, so that is now remedied I can now look at my graphs again. Now I have nice data like this to look at again:

Interesting data indeed, wonder what other things I have forgotten to bring across? I am going to clean out the old stuff slowly but surely as well.

That’s Twice Now

Twice I have had the Blogspot “editor” go wonky on me, and the first time I lost my posting, the second time, I was careful enough to log into my Blogspot account using IE and making sure that my posting had been saved before moving forward, so I didn’t lose anything the second time. Very annoying, I will have to look into that a bit more! It does seem to only happen if I use Firefox as my browser.

TextLinkAds was one of the reasons that I changed to the new Blogger format (they didn’t support the older version of the software), yet I see nothing on my blog from them as of yet, which is disappointing.

Still only 5% of my traffic is coming from search engines (at least that is what the new Google Analytics says), interesting, but I don’t know what “normal” is these days either, anyone care to comment, I’d be glad to learn. I was impressed to see a great many of my readers use Firefox, good for you!

Google Analytics Changes

Yes, the boys and girls and Google are working hard to keep us bloggers looking at more data to try to figure out why we work for Slave Wages, but Google Analytics has a new Beta version out that consolidates data nicely, thank you. I will poke around and see whether this helps me understand why my postings still don’t seem to be be making it onto the Google search engine (look up Lu Lu Lemon, and you find a posting I made, that has been scraped off by another site, but not the original posting?).

I have taken to cross posting a lot of stuff in my own articles, to catch the scrapers and RSS thieves, so that at least I get links back to the original work, I am not too happy about this, and may start a campaign against these kind of intellectual property thieves!

Google Numbers Rising

This heartens me, more and more references from Google and still a very good 400 hits yesterday, so things are humming along nicely, just need to keep stoking the furnace a bit more to get over the hump to 1000 hits in one day (never had that happen yet).

Careful about naming links now as well, to make sure better link numbers as well