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Does Controversy Really Sell?

This was a major discussion point for the NCFBA a few weeks back and it also came up in the past week which all started with a Guest Post on THE Canadian Personal Finance Site.

The Guest Post was from a client who was looking to post something that would lead more folks to their website, and thus the post Why You Need to Consider Lifestyle in Your Retirement Planning, which seemed fairly innocuous to me, if not a bit boring, but nothing to get excited about.

I figured to be a good host, I actually submitted this post to a couple of Blog Carnivals to help with traffic generation for the post, and that is where the problem arose. I submitted it to the Carnival of Wealth, which then caused the following to be included in the Carnival:

Big Cajun Man had an even bigger layoff than Shailesh Kumar, we think (have to check the records.) The former returns with a…oh wait, it’s a guest post by “journalistically trained” Miranda Marquit. Take it away, Miranda:

keyword keyword incredibly basic thought keyword SEO phrase link to sponsor keyword keyword pap keyword SEO phrase pablum keyword pabulum keyword keyword insultingly rudimentary advice keyword SEO phrase unnecessary adverb to keep the word count up keyword


Simmer down there folks

I read that and laughed out loud and hence came my thought that this might actually help the post by adding controversy to the post.  I have actually spoken to Control Your Cash and I don’t really have any problem with the comment (I might even agree with it, but I wouldn’t say that on the record).

This then caused me to write another post Insultingly Rudimentary Advice, which caused a great deal of supportive comments from my regular readers. It also had links all over the place, so it couldn’t hurt the whole SEO Mojo of things, and I actually have submitted this to the next Carnival of Wealth, we shall see what comments it creates.

Does controversy still sell? It might, we shall see.

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Freakish Posts and Who Reads What?

I have given up trying to figure out why a lot of my posts have very tepid interest, however sometimes I write a post knowing full well I am kicking the hornets’ nest and things are going to start flying. The best example I have of that is the now infamous I am a Civil Servant where I rail at a few of the dumber commentaries I have seen online about Canadian Civil Servants (some of the comments are classics, but I also suspected this might be the case).

Sometimes I write a post and expect a big response and get no response at all, an example of that was Are Canadians Financially Stupid?  and I got pretty much no push back or fight at all, in fact all I got was a bunch of folks agreeing with me (how boring is that one). I was hoping to get folks to argue that times are hard and such, however, nothing much.

An odd post that seems to explode every year now was What Does the 4th of July Mean? which quadruples or quintupled my readership for a couple of days for two years in a row. There must be a magical keyword search that finds it or something, and I am not complaining , but I would love figure out what the “secret sauce” is on that post and make more like it.

Wikinvest and Polls

Tried out a poll from the new Polldaddy plug in on my site on my post: Rates Are Down by 1/4% but haven’t had much interest in the poll.  Figured I would see if anyone is actually interested in that kind of interaction with the web site, it seems so far the answer is “No”, but maybe the question was not interesting enough. May be a more controversial or interesting question might evoke more interest.

Added the Blog to Wikinvest as well.  Saw it on Michael James on Money, and thought it couldn’t hurt adding content that might also cause my content to get pointed at as well. So far so good, haven’t noticed much impact but it is very early days yet.

I attempted to volunteer at to see if I could become an editor, but was given a polite “No” message. Too bad, I was hoping that might get me added to their directory, oh well, might try again later too.

Carnivals of Sorts

Friday I will be publishing a Carnival of Catastrophic financial advice, where I asked fellow financial bloggers to send me in their worst financial advice story, the stories are interesting, but no one bares their souls as I did a few weeks back in Worst Financial Advice Given Ever .

I guess that might be a way to draw more traffic is to create a real Carnival and then use that to draw more traffic to the web site? Another thing on the TO DO list for the web page.

Friday or Monday I will publish my monthly income statement, such as it is.

June Income Numbers

As a service to the folks reading, I figured I’d show just how little I make on this “business” that I am currently running. I will attempt to be as honest as possible about all the income from my site Canadian Financial and Consumer Opinions and the income sources that I run on this. Not as much as John Chow, but it’s a start.

Total Income Statement for June 2008

  • Adsense income  $19.44  with about 8600 impressions over two different channels from the page
  • Kontera income $2.63  on 3200 page impressions
  • Text Link Ads income $43.85  earn with 7 ads running out of a possible 8
  • Pepper Jam Ads income $0.00
  • NeverBlueAds income $0.00
  • TTZ Media income $0.00
  • ReviewMe review income $0.00
  • Privately arranged ads income $0.00

Total income for the month of June 2008: $65.92

Page rank for the site from Google: 0/10

Page rank for site from Alexa #657179

Number of RSS Readers from Feedburner:  344 (avg)

Not a stellar month for income, no private sales is hurting, and adsense income continues to snail along. Readership is not growing either. Working for slave wages still, need to improve this situation.

Globe and Mail, Indeed!

Globe and Mail


So the Globe and Mail has a poll on about the Best Financial Bloggers in Canada (or Top 5) list and I note that I am not mentioned, yet again. Canadian Financial Opinions may not be a classic financial blog, but at least it is not some “get rich quick” stock picking web site or some crap like that. I looked at the list and there are some good ones, but to exclude some of the sites seems a bit short sited by them, but I guess it is their poll, so I guess they get to make the rules too (I am glad I don’t subscribe to their paper).

This weekend will be spent trying to clean up the Financial site and figure out whether this site might do better over with the Financial Blog on it’s own Domain. The current set up is a bit arbitrary and I think I can learn a lot if I take this site to a private site and then get to screw around more with the Style and Theme. Stay tuned, we shall see.

Also, investigating new advertising schemes as well, because right now, this “business” is not going the way I want it to (the Financial Blog) so I need to start really thinking about this one.