Different Browsers and Different Views

It’s interesting to see that looking at the same web site with different browsers sometimes gives you different results. My default browser is typically Firefox but I usually check things with Internet Explorer just to make sure I have not done anything wacky which causes folks on IE to not want to look at my site. I got a comment yesterday that comments on my web site come up in 24 point font in Mozilla (now what is the difference between Firefox and Mozilla, guess I’ll go find out). Interesting stuff, I have to check this one out now. I also then remembered that I can get referral points for putting Firefox on my web site, so note the new ad in the columns.

I am beginning to like this blog’s lay out more and more, but I am not sure I could use it for my Canadian Financial Opinions web site, it’s a little too “dark” and I think that site needs a little more colour and vibrance on it. You who read here I view as “Internet Warriors”, and will not be swayed by flashy colours and such, just good content or bad commentary, which you can discuss.

I note the value of asking for a ReviewMe review from me has doubled again to $60? Interesting, I haven’t had anyone else ask for a review lately, but it’s kind of fun. I think I can’t do too much of that, or I will piss off many readers, but occasionally is a good influx of cash.

Will be trying to enjoy a quiet weekend before my last rash of basketball travelling so not too many posts are cued up for this weekend.