Payday Loans Pulled from Adsense

Thank the Lord that Google has pulled (or will be pulling) Payday Loan advertisements from their Adsense advertising program (note: one of my major advertisers). This decision makes me very happy as on my main site The Canadian Personal Finance site, I have written countless articles against the use of Payday Loans (and High Risk Loans), yet every one of these is then slathered with advertising for the same Payday Loan places (Adsense is my major advertiser on that site).

Google’s exact statement is the following:

In that vein, today we’re sharing an update that will go into effect on July 13, 2016: we’re banning ads for payday loans and some related products from our ads systems. We will no longer allow ads for loans where repayment is due within 60 days of the date of issue. In the U.S., we are also banning ads for loans with an APR of 36% or higher. When reviewing our policies, research has shown that these loans can result in unaffordable payment and high default rates for users so we will be updating our policies globally to reflect that.

Many of the articles at The Canadian Personal Finance Place about how horrible Payday Loans are, have comments on them about what a hypocrite I am for having these companies advertising on my site. I have attempted to block as many of these sites using Adsense site blocking, but it is impossible to keep up with these financial cockroaches. I applaud Google for taking this step, just wondering when the CRTC in Canada will do the same (blocking ads on TV and radio for these companies)?

No, I am not naive enough to believe this is the end of it, these companies hire smart advertising folks, so they will find a way to somehow get around this, but at least Google has taken a stand on things.

Advertiser Spam 2

I receive about ten e-mails a day on one of my e-mails account (the one I expose to the blogging world) and I would say 1 out of 100 I read I even consider, and 1 in 1000 I actually reply to (usually because the person writing it worked hard enough to find my real name).

Fat Lazy Cat

Possible Author of Query

What kind of spam am I getting?


I am Lazy Dude.

I came across your website, while I was searching for advertisement opportunities.

I’m interested in advertising on your blog. I would like to know if you would be interested.

I would love to read back from you.

Lazy Dude.

Seriously, does anyone actually answer these useless queries? You don’t use my name, you don’t even mention my website by name, and your translator did a crappy job as well. Yes everyone needs to hustle to make a buck on the web, but this is just old-fashioned laziness.

If you want to advertise on my site, try a little harder, oh and NO you can’t have a paid guest post either. I am getting quite picky these days.

End of 2010 Personal Finance Biz Review

Another relatively successful year for THE Canadian Personal Finance site, however, not nearly as successful as I think it should be to justify the amount of time I spend on writing and developing the business.

Some of the highlights of my successes (to be optimistic):

  1. My Alexa ranking has gone from off the face of the earth to 98,186, which means I think I have succeeded in the Yakezie challenge (got below 100,000 on Alexa).
  2. My income from Adsense is up about 5% this year over last, which while good is still slave wages compared to the amount of work put into the site.
  3. TextlinkAds kept up it’s regular payment pace, and it paid about 10% more for the year, so I mustn’t complain about that.
  4. I had other income of about $200 from other bits and pieces, which is up a little bit over last year.
  5. My presence of Social Networking seems to be much higher these days and I am drawing more readership from these sites, but they are not of very high quality, in that they are not big Adsense clickers, or purchase stuff that I link to on Amazon.
  6. Had my first guest post in a while, with Side Effects of Credit Card Debt Build Up, which was received quite well and I did help out a starting blogger, so good for me.

As we can see from Analytics there were a few spikes in the year:

2010 Readership Stats

2010 Readership Analytics Graph

What Did Work This Year?

And the list of my most popular posts for the year were:

  1. Gifts You Should Never Give to Your Kids, which goes to show that if you rip off an idea from MSN you can still get a lot of readers too. (2143 page views)
  2. Pet Insurance WTF, does portray me as a heartless oaf when it comes to pets, but hey, if it sells, who cares?  (1443 page views)
  3. Gosh Darn CPP and EI, which simply is me bitching about paying premiums, which is cool. (1342 page views)
  4. Advice to Future University Students shows that any story that talks about teenage drinking, can’t be all bad (1230 page views)
  5. Banking on Sunday is the first post that I really tried to push hard using Social Networking, and I guess it shows that this can be of use as well. (1181 Page Views)

So I guess the best thing I can do is repost these on Twitter this week, just to get a little more bang for my post?

Goals for Coming Year

I think I have a few simple goals for the coming year:

  1. Make more money doing this.

Seems like the only real goal, so let’s work on that.

Taboo Subjects and Blogging

I found an old post I had done last year (when I was in a particularly silly mood), called Men’s Health, which never really caused as much of a commotion as I had hoped, so I had forgotten about it.

Tip of the Week

As most of my Twitter followers know, I actually put 2 original posts up a day, during the week, one which is brand new content and typically posted fairly early in the morning. Around lunch time I make another post which is an OBG (Oldie But Goodie) post, where I attempt to get more readership and site walk-thru by Tweeting older content (given I have over 1000 posts, it is not hard to find 7 posts a week for this). Sometimes I attempt to mine really old posts, and have to clean them up a great deal (edit out parts, add viable tags, etc.,), and this helps clean up my site in general, so it is a very worthwhile exercise, in my opinion.

The Man Who Broke the Most Taboos: the Late George Carlin

This week I went searching for Christmas related old(er) posts and tripped across my Men’s Health post again, and decided it would be an excellent candidate for Re-Tweeting, since I loved the humor in it, and I enjoy reading some of my sillier posts, so it was Tweet’ed on Monday.

As part of this content resurrection program, I ask for some of my blog helpers to retweet the content and such, however, most of them have left this post alone, and did not reTweet it, due to my copious use of Double Entendres, and the topic itself being about Erectile Dysfunction.

I had one friend post it to StumbleUpon, however they then said if they got banned for posting Adult content, I was in deep trouble! Digg did not seem to take the initial post either (although I note now it does have a Digg vote). None of my associates Dugg or did anything else to the post, so there it sits, un-Pushed, even though I think it is a fun post.

I guess the moral of the story is you can get a little too controversial, even when you think you are just being silly!

Advertising Income Not Great

Income Better But Not Great

This seems to be a continuing complaint by me, that the income for Canadian Financial Opinions is really not what I was hoping it might be after 5 years of writing, but I continue to try new ideas to see if that might help push income to a less slave level and more to a not bad paying hobby level.

Text Link Ads Rules

At the end of it my TextLinkAds income seems to be the most reliable, with Adsense about 1/2 of that income and then no real income from any other sites, although Amazon does create a little income here and there.

I am also continuing to test posting by e-mail as well, which works OK, but it does have a few interesting issues, that I am learning about.

Long Time No Post

It’s been a long time since I have posted here and sometimes I forget that I do have this blog to do experiments and just bluster about life in general.

This post is allegedly testing the Postie Plug-in for allowing folks to post an entry from an e-mail account. We shall see where this might lead. I tried the default wordpress version and it is woefully lacking so far.