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I had forgotten that I had volunteered to host the Carnival of Personal Finance, this past weekend, so when I got the e-mail from the Carnival owner I was surprised and a little panic’ed as well.

I had written a posting already for Monday talking about Family Day in Ontario, and after taking a few minutes to think I came up with the concept of writing this week’s CPF in a Family Advice format. Thus was born:

Carnival Of Personal Finance #192: The Family Day Edition

I always valued advice from my family and from what I had heard from other folks there was always an inherent value in advice from different members of your family, so I went with that.

I looked at how many entries had been submitted for the Carnival (it is a weekly Carnival) and there was almost 100 of them, which again made me go Holy Crap (just reading all of this was going to take a while).

The Carnival itself has a set of rules for posting to the Carnival which helped trim out some of the entries up front (I’d say about 10-20%). Some posts you would tell were simply “factory” posts from sites that pump out content with very little personal input.

I started trimming and was looking for specific personal finance/family type posts which started knocking out a lot of entries, and finally I ended up with about 30 entries that I was going to use. I managed to write it in a reasonable (if rushed) format and managed to add a few pictures from the Ontario Government’s Family Day web site as well.


Normally when I have submitted to Carnivals and not been included, I have simply gone, “Oh well…”, and moved on, but evidently that is not the “norm” when it comes to other Financial Bloggers.

One sent me a “short” note asking why I didn’t include the post, and I have been receiving “snippy” comments as well from other bloggers about my edit’ing techniques.

I didn’t want to simply publish a “here is a list of interesting posts” Carnival (I do that enough on Fridays, and frankly it is a very lazy blogging trick), I wanted it to make sense and be concise (so that someone might actually go through all the posts, not just the first few).

The Day After

Not sure what hosting this Carnival will do for my site. It didn’t really increase my traffic that much (it was a good day, but not the best day).  Hopefully I have picked up a few more readers and maybe picked up a few more incoming links, we shall see.

Epilogue: Carnivals really didn’t do too much for me, and now I have to keep cleaning up broken links from sites that keep disappearing.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Carnival Hosting a commentary

  • Funny about Money

    LOL! Good commentary. FYI, after hosting the C of PF I also got a snippy demand for an explanation from an excluded contributor — sounds like the person must have a form snippy e-mail. It was graced by essentially the same snippy phrasing I’ve heard from college students demanding to know why I gave them a B instead of an A on the C paper they turned in. 😉

    It was amazing that you managed to cut 100 submissions to the relatively compact round-up that resulted. The C of PF is a challenge, given its size. I thot you did a fine job, especially considering the short time frame.

    There are so many of these carnivals and, if you’re posting every day, so much new copy to offer up that it doesn’t make much sense to get miffed about the occasional rejection…although I will say I was a bit annoyed by the C of PF host who remarked, some weeks ago, that she was publishing only those posts she adjudged to be “interesting,” implying that everything rejected that week must be b-o-o-o-o-ring. Most serious bloggers wouldn’t submit a piece they didn’t think was interesting, and so common courtesy suggests a host should keep a derogatory opinion private.