Blogger Salaries?

This has been posted all over the place, but it is of interest to me for a few reasons. Paula Mooney posted a list of what folks are making from the Internet which was interesting to me to see that someone claims to be making money on this business, but again, it seems you need to have a very large reader base to even dream of making enough money to make this whole idea “an interesting side light”. I was thinking of reporting my whopping $200 earned last year, but figured I’d be too embarrassed to admit that on a list of folks like that.

Penny Maple Leaf

About my daily income from Blogs

I’d dearly like to be making a bloody fortune, but unless I plan on joining the Internet Porn world (which I also suspect doesn’t make as much money, for the amount you have to put out for it), or go Phishing (and since I don’t live in Nigeria, I think that would be very bad form), I am going to have to plod along with my minuscule income for now.

Still, learning more and more about Soap, XML and WordPress, so my guess is maybe I’ll become a consultant and make my fortune that way (telling people to do things, that you know they’ll never do :-).

What do you think?

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