Attack of the Bots

By on January 22nd, 2009 in Money Blogs, Robots

Something odd is going on at Canadian Personal Finance the past few weeks, the Bots are attacking. It seems that MSN and Yahoo’s Bots have both taken a big liking to my site, and have been inundating the site with crawlers.

The past few days bot numbers are:

  • January 21  MSN:  1713  Yahoo: 478  Google: 148
  • January 20 MSN:  509 Yahoo:  484  Google:  498
  • January 19  MSN:  1230  Yahoo:  467  Google:  416

Those are some impressive and weird numbers, not sure why MSN is so hot to trot about the site, but I am not complaining either.

Number of readers is up as well, given I was averaging about 150 a day, now I am somewhere near 300, which is a very good thing. Page Rank is also back up to 3/10 so that is a start too.

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