Added to BlogCatalog

This blog, I mean, I have actually added it to other lists now, since I figure some folks are enjoying my rants and commentary about the business of blogging, we’ll see if it causes more interest here as well.

I was impressed that after a weekend where I didn’t really post anything, I am still keeping my readership levels, and my RSS numbers continue to creep up as well (for Canadian Financial Rants that is). It is creeping up here as well, so that is good too. If you are a new reader, leave a comment this is an open forum for me, and if you have ideas (other than selling “Willy cream”) I am open to suggestions. I will have more spare time soon (unless I change jobs, then I may not), so things may start changing again soon (we’ll see).

I continue to try to figure out a good way to publish my blog for Palm and handheld devices well. Currently I am trying to get AvantGo working with my Feedburner RSS feeds, but it doesn’t seem to be working to my Treo 650. I think reading RSS feeds with a Palm device would be great if I took the bus or whatever. If I get a breakthrough I will post about that too.

What do you think?

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